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Wildlife Talks and Slide-shows ... ... going wild indoors! If you’re looking for an entertaining and informative talk or slide-show then I am definitely your man. My fee is £45.00 (depending on the venue location). I am sometimes available at short notice so if you have a cancelled speaker try me and I may be able to accommodate you. The area I cover is Derbyshire, although if you’re outside that it never hurts to ask does it...you never know. I can talk on any wildlife subject you care to mention or suggest and engage my audience on a whirlwind tour of the subject at hand. I usually talk for about an hour (ish) but this is very flexible given the nature of audiences and organisations. I can talk both formally at dinners and informally to groups such as yours alike. I have taken the liberty of putting together a small range of possible talk titles, but I can and have spoken on the widest range of wildlife subjects imaginable and so am not daunted by any suggestions you may have for talk titles. Talk 1. Wildlife of the Picos de Europa. Come and join the Black Country Lad as he explores this incredible region of Northern Spain. It simply drips with wildlife gems and would take a full lifetime to explore properly. See Bears, Wolves and a wealth of wild-flowers, birds and fabulous butterflies. This is not to be missed. Talk 2. Garden Wildlife. Closer to home I explore all of the wildlife to be found in our suburban gardens, from Foxes to Blue-tits, Butterflies to Smooth Newts. They are all there in this highly informative talk covers the whole range of the plants and animals to be found in our gardens and how to protect and encourage the wildlife which visits from time to time. Talk 3. A Year in the Woods. A fabulous winter to winter look at a broad-leaved wood in lowland Britain. This talk is packed full of badgers, red squirrels, deer, stunning rare wild orchids and delicate butterflies together with amazing Autumn colour and fabulous fungi which all add to the rich tapestry of wild-wood. Talk 4. A tale of Dragons and Damsels. The Black Country Lad explores the wealth of our dragon and damselflies in this watery excursion. A wild and murderous ride below the water's surface followed by the elegance and wild beauty of adult dragons as they hunt and patrol a beat alongside our rivers and ponds. This talk also looks at the other inhabitants of the dragonflies world and explores how they all interact with each other to create the most amazing of wildlife habitats. Talk 5. The Cevennes. Come with the Black Country Lad to the South of France to the Cevennes Region. A fantastic area for wildlife, it has spectacular fish filled, deep river gorges and table like Causses, flat agricultural areas which just teem with butterflies  and wild-flowers. Around every corner there are new and exciting wildlife delights and the Black Country Lad explores them all, from birds to bats, from fish to frogs and all wildlife points in between. This is not to be missed. Talk 6. The Birds of Norfolk. This is an area of the UK which I know well and love. It's packed with birds all year round and I explore the richness of Norfolk's birdlife throughout the seasons. Winter has immense clouds of geese and fabulous wader flocks wheeling over bleak estuaries with a wonderful beauty all their own; while summer has wild reedbeds throbbing with the raucous songs of Sedge Warbler and spectacular Marsh Harriers drifting over wetlands alive with ducks and other water birds. All are there in this richly illustrated talk. Come and discover Wild Norfolk with the Black Country Lad. Talk 7. Aliens Amongst Us. Join me on a journey, a journey to see things you may never have seen before. This fully illustrated presentation looks closely, and I do mean closely at the world of weird wildlife. It's packed full of huge eyes, insect sex and graphic details of insects eating each other! Oh, and it's got fungi in it too! So, a good old fashioned health warning is in order. If you're of a squeamish disposition or are easily unsettled then give this talk a WIDE berth, but, if you're curious and want to be entertained royally with humour and amazing facts then this is the talk for you. Go on try it ... you know you want to. Talk 8. A Wild Goose Chase. Discover the world of this fascinating family of birds. From Pygmy Geese right up to vast flocks of Pink Feet and Snow Geese, these enigmatic birds are found the world over. Discover two fabulous locations for geese, the wild open North Norfolk coast and the windswept but oh so beautiful island of Islay in the Inner Hebrides. The Black Country lad will take you on a guided tour of these wild places and will help you take a long peek at the habitats, birds and animals which live there. Talk 9. Wildlife of Shetlands Simmer Dim. This beautiful and informative presentation takes the audience on a tour around the islands of the Shetland group in the far north of Scotland. Indeed the Shetland Islands are closer to Norway than Scotland and this is reflected in the wildlife and culture of these beautiful islands. Home to Otters, Wild Swans, Gannets, Divers and the infamous Bonxie, Shetland drips with fabulous wildlife just waiting to be discovered. The landscape is stunning, bleak and wonderful, but alive with birdsong and swaying beds of Cotton Grass. It has a stark beauty all its own. Come with me to revel in this fabulous place where the sun never sets all summer long. Talk 10. The Twelve Beasts of Christmas. A new and fun take on the popular Christmas carol, but featuring an eclectic mix of animals to tell the story. This light hearted talk is full of bats, Bonxies, birds and smelly horns to name just a few. And you get to sing as well! How cool is that. It's a must for all your Christmas ‘get togethers’ and can be combined with a great Christmas wildlife quiz too, all put together by the Black Country Lad. All in all a fun package for any 'do'. For both enterprises, Wildlife Films and Wildlife Talks, I have all my own equipment, projectors, screens and so on so you need not worry about supplying anything that we will use to present to your members. All of the above talks are fully illustrated with wildlife photographs taken by me, and their copyright is entirely mine so you DON’T need a Public Entertainment Licence. Call 07876 276629 or e mail skua2@hotmail.co.uk  to book a talk or for further details.
Click here to download my full talks ‘menu’. It’s packed with great titles ideally suitable for you Club, Group or Society