Hi, my name is David Christopher Hollis, known as Dave, David or frankly for years I thought my name was “stop it!” and I come from an area of the Midlands in the UK called, with lots of affection, ‘The Black Country’. The Black Country is a place steeped in a rich and varied history and it has a firm place in the story of the Industrial Revolution (hence the name - Black Country, which refers to the soot from all the furnaces located there which coated every building and street - so it’s said) of the 18th and 19th centuries in Britain. I am proud to be one of its ‘sons’. All through my life I have felt at my most comfortable whilst in the countryside and just ache for every opportunity to be there. I still get a thrill out of seeing the first Swallow of the year or the first Cowslips bursting into bloom on a warm April day. I have been a wildlife photographer and sound recordist for well over 40 years and lately I have started to produce the ‘A Black Country Lad Explores’ series of DVD’s and Blu Ray film discs. They are an expression of my love for wildlife and the countryside and I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed making them. Now Wild Scape and A Black Country Lad Explores have a new venture and one that’s not so new to tell you about. After a long absence I’m taking wedding photographs again and I’m very excited by the prospect of helping to enhance the happy day for my clients. And the new thing? Well I now run pop up wildlife film experiences for local communities, care homes and arts projects. This exciting new venture has been incredibly well received with bookings flooding in daily. To find our if I cover your area drop me a line. Click on the buttons below to go to your chosen Wild Scape Web Space. Best wishes BCL.
So just who is the Black Country Lad?
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